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this is my heven ( :
(via leilockheart)

this is my heven ( :

(via leilockheart)

green tea?

what exactly is it?

my mom was drinking it right now, and she said its to lose wieight?

in thatcase, i want some :P

when im bored ..

when im bored ..

Lol I wish someone would take me to mcdonalds in a limo (x

1st day of band.

  • Me: Carlos! Im going to join band!
  • Carlos: What are you going to play? Percussion?
  • Me: What, no. Im going to play the snare (:
  • Carlos: Whaaa, your stupid. Thats percussion!
  • Me: .... Oh. Then yeah im playing percussion.
  • -----------------------------
  • Forrest: Your in band now?
  • Me: Yepp.
  • Forrest: What do you play?
  • Carlos: ( Walks by) Not percussion..
  • Me: Shut up Carlos!

Alice in wonderland.

Im going with carlitos :D

At the mall, Thurday night, be there.

shes a mess

cause when hes looking,she falls apart.


My computer sucks ass!

So i got a tumblr, cause everyone like has it. so i want to see whats so special about this thing. im probably not going to get very far becuaswe thanks to me downloading so much shit, my computer is sloww as fuck :/